Gear Review: Best Beanies

What makes winter better? Beanies!

If you live in cold country, whether you call it a beanie or a toque, best not leave the house without one or a couple of hats. When you’re skiing and riding, don’t forget to bring a stylin’ one to change into so you don’t have to sport helmet hair.

Here’s just a few favorites from my personal collection:image-1

Clockwise from left 1. Cirque Mountain 2. Dakine (old-) 3. The first hat I ever knit! 4. Prana (old) 5. Discrete Cobol SheJumps edition. 6. Big Truck (old from Pretty Faces kickstarter-) Jacket-Flylow (SheJumps custom-similar)

Even though I have my favorites, my guess is I’ll add more to my collection this year. Here are my top picks from the 2016-2017 collections.


It looks like I’m into the nuetrals and pinks this year. The poms are definitely in this year. I think these two have great style. They also come in grays, blues and greens. On the right is the bulky knit Joely beanie, I like the turquoise version too. On the left I chose the Terrington beanie which also comes in blue and black. Prana definitely has a bunch beanies I’m drooling over!


Cirque Mountain

I picked up my first Cirque Mountain hat last year (picture 1 above.) I think their styles are fresh and fun. In addition to neutrals and nature based themes, they have a variety of fun 80s throw back hats. These were very popular at a recent raffle during our SheJumps Wilderness First Aid course last month. I couldn’t resist the I heart Big Dumps and the Apres Patrol hats.


Discrete Hats

I learned about Discrete Hats during the SheJumps 2015 Generosity Campaign. In addition to sweet five panel flat brims, they made custom beanies for the campaign, seen above in picture 5. I have to say, I love this simple wool rag hat. Yesterday I wore it layered under my motorcycle helmet and I regularly sleep in it while I’m camping. I really like their designs and picked another cute one to share with you the Yacc Knitted Beanie.



I picked a lot of pom pom hats and was looking at a warm low profile hat that could layer under a helmet. Since I love their business practices I picked this cabled beanie from Patagonia. It comes in a nice variety of colors.


Too Many Beanies?

Do you have some hats that are ready to retire? Consider sending your warm cast offs to the noDAPL winter camp. They are in need of warm (only) clothes and gear for the coming winter. Check out their needs list here-

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