Gear Review: The Rumpl

I never knew I could fall in love with a blanket, that is until I met the Rumpl. From hammock burrito, to van camping, to snuggling with my kitty (the cat who not once since we’ve had her, crawled under a blanket until now) the Rumpl is the coziest thing going.Rumpl

Not only do Jebb and I have a serious Rumpl crush, we call it by name as if it’s an old friend.

“Don’t forget the Rumpl”, “Where’s the Rumpl?” “It’s Rumpl time”.

Imagine your softest puffer jacket combined with your coziest sleeping bag turned into a throw blanket and you’ve got a new best friend for loungin’ after your adventures.Rumpl Blanket

After originally being fully  backed as a successful kickstarter, the brand just keeps growing and bringing more to market. In addition to the Puffer style blanket, this year they’ve added fleece bedding (i’m coveting this birch design) and today I received an email about their latest Kickstarter campaign for the first ever battery powered heated blanket that will even charge your phone! What will they think of next?

Rumpl blanket

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