Gear Review-Her Winter Line Up

This fall we’ve been counting down the days until the snow flies and have been working with companies to put together our testing line-up. Here’s a sneak speak of some of the gear I will be testing this winter. Stay tuned for more!

  1. The Betty Down Jacket from FlyLow Gear. Soft as a sleeping bag, light as a feather. We’re excited to test its performance and water resistance.
  2. The Chariot Bib from Trew Gear. We’re going back, way back to the Bib! Since I’ve been a crossover snowboarder lately, I’m eager to have all my assets covered. These also look like they’ll perform well in the backcountry, and claim you can pee with out unbuckling!
  3. The Cham 97 from Dynastar. These brand new babies are in my gear room just waiting to make some turns. They claim to be snappy at turning, lightweight, and have been racking up awards. I’m looking forward to testing them in the trees. I’m mounting with a backcountry touring binding but almost want a second pair for alpine after researching them. We’ll see once I get on them.
  4. The Oakley Flight Deck Prizm– I scored this last spring at the Oakley Progression Session at Loon Mtn. I can’t wait to test them in more conditions.
  5. The Luxe X from Pret. It’s time to get on the MIPs wagon and get even better protection for the ole noggin’.

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