K2 PINNACLE 130 review

It’s the future. This is a new class of boots that does it all.  It is an AT boot or is it an ALPINE BOOT and a TOURING BOOT? Well the answer turns out to be that the K2 Pinnacle is both. Now you can have a rock solid boot for regular ski’n, and a decent alpine touring boot all in one package. Hooray for that.  A DIN binding compatible alpine boot, that also steps right into the “light-is-right” favored TECH bindings. While this boot is no featherweight, it has the power and burliness for aggressive in and out of bounds skiing. The K2 Pinnacle fits better into the “freeride” category better than the “touring” category due to the performance and the weight.

I have skied these boots three days on groomed man-made snow and the boot is a solid performer.  The buckles have ample leverage and as I tightened the boot, it fit me very well and happily it held me in place with my heel down as well as laterally. This boot comes in a standard (97mm) and a wide (100mm) last, for those with wider feet. I have a pretty typical foot, and skied in Lange ski boots for years, but I wanted the TECH option, so here I am. I think the boot was a solid performer and I will get to check out the touring mode in more depth (pun intended) when the snow comes. I did walk around the base area with my rockered SkiTraks and the boots in walk mode for my patrolling duties and the switch was pretty effortless and the walk mode was good for walking. Even though these boots have replaceable soles, I would recommend anyone who has to walk on pavers and parking lots to get a pair of Yaktraks Skitraks.

IMG_0992The K2 Pinnacle has a sturdy 130 flex index, which is nearly a standard go to flex index that many boot manufacturers offer, due to consumer demand for stiff boots. The Pinnacle has a classic 4 buckle overlap design that features an integrated 45mm Power-Buckle strap on the top, dual adjustable cuff alignment, a textured sole, an intuition performance-fit liner, and a WALK MODE with a beefy rear stabilizer that looks like carbon fiber.

IMG_0994The rear Synchro Interlock latch on the walk mode feels sturdy and has a positive engagement when closed, all put together with a carbon fiber rear stay.

Intuition liner has a nice notch on the rear below the upper plastic cuff that allows rearward flex in the liner and affords the most efficient walking. Plus the liner has eyelets and laces for snugging down the inner liner while walking with loosened buckles. This helps keep your layering sorted and socks dry.

The real bonus on these boots is the TECH pin binding fittings.


The heel mount looks fairly standard and is compatible with the  Dynafit type pintech bindings.


The toe TECH binding is a solid metal bar that goes all the way through the toe of the boot for ultimate durability.

I will be back to report how these boots work with the TECH bindings once we get some snow here in the Northeast!


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