Review: Little Red Wagon GEOs

Looking for the perfect adventure coffee brew? We may have found it in the Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters single serving pour over GEO.

Throughout my adventure lifespan I’ve probably tried every possible coffee brewing method. From the horrible instant tea bag method to the deliciously hot but messy percolator, and of course my regular French press. No one wants to give up a great cup of coffee when camping, cold turkey is often a bad option.

Enter the GEO a packaged disposable and degradable pour over method that both delicious AND easy to clean up.


First what I love about the GEO is the simplicity of the design. There’s no glass to carry, like a French press and no bulky parts to pack like a percolator. Both these options require you to scoop out the grounds in order to clean up and use again. Cleaning coffee grinds up is always difficult especially when you don’t have a lot of running water. With this system you have the flat packed pouch that you tear open and set up over your mug. When your are done all the grounds are already bagged up. You can put them back in the pouch and carry out, or if you are having a camp fire you can simply burn the leftovers.

At first I thought it was a lot of packaging because I was testing the single use pack, but I then realized they also sell in 6 and 12 packs which minimizing packaging for longer trips. Great idea! I’m happy about that!


Since becoming an Ambassador for Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters, I’m quite literally addicted to their delicious beans. They are farm sourced direct. I have a coffee CSA and get their product delivered monthly to my mailbox. Now with the GEO whether I’m camping, on the road or in the office I can take their coffee with me and I never have to sacrifice good taste.

Check the link here and see for yourself.


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