Motorcycling the Cabot Trail

Phew, around 2000 miles in the saddle. Spectacular beauty, scanty September crowds, and essentially no rain. 100% win.

This ride is ranked as one of the most scenic rides in the world. As I experienced it, it held up to that reputation.

From the Berkshires, it was a quick and easy ride to Portland ME via the Insterstate, and while boring, we got to The Cat ferry terminal with plenty of time for a nice lunch. Portland is really becoming something of a foodie town, and we had an easy time finding great food right near the waterfront.

Day 1:  Home to Yarmouth NS, via Portland, ME: 233 miles and the luxury of riding on The Cat high speed ferry. Much happier to be sitting in a comfortable chair than riding all the way up to N.S.

Looking back at Portland ME from The Cat!
Snug as a bug, bikes are tied down in the hold

Day 2: Yarmouth to Antigonish NS, via some of the coastal “Lighthouse Route” up the east coast, and from Halifax to Truo: 335 miles This part of the ride was really pretty at first, and through to Lunenburg, but after that we decided to make some time, and took the highway. This was about as boring as the US Interstate!

Day 3: Antigonish behind us, and finally onto the Cabot Trail, vising a special spot: Meat Cove !!!! A new favorite! Meat Cove is the northern most settlement in Nova Scotia, and has campground facilities, and a mussel bar. Then back into the park and with a dinner stop at the Rusty Anchor in Pleasant Bay, sleep in Cheitcamp: 288 miles

rugged coast
So blue
Saint Margaret Village
beautiful coast lines and mountains
Rusty Anchor
Great people and food!
descending from the park into Cheitcamp

Day 4: 20 miles back int park, then a 7 km hike to see the vistas, then all the way to New Glasgow and the P.EI. ferry and drive over into Chalottetown: 250 miles

the famous Skyline Ridge Hiking Trail (7km)
There is the road we went down, then up, then down again!
P.E.I. ferry is free on the way over to the island. We just drove up to the terminal and got on.
some of the “Bright Red Mud” of P.E.I.

Day 5: sleep in, then went up to the North coast to meet Anne of Green Gables, and out across the new bridge to New Brunswick. We made it all the way to Oreno ME: 421 miles

Day 6: go see my sister, and tour the back roads of ME, NH and then home: 382 miles

Recommend!  Next trip may be all the way to Newfoundland!!

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