Mt. Greylock Ski Club

Tracy Remelius at Mount Greylock Ski Club

Steeped in history, the Mount Greylock Ski club is like your own personal hot tub time machine.

With the record snowfalls this year, (read no snowmaking) it was the perfect time to check out this gem of a club in Williamstown. The club started in 1937, and members of the club actually helped design the route of the nearby Thunderbolt ski trail on Mt. Greylock.

The club is located on Roaring Brook road, where you’ll also find the trail head for Stoney Ledge and Roaring Brook trail, popular hikes to summit Greylock.

After skiing my whole life, I’ve ridden t-bars, Poma lifts, J-bars, gondolas, fixed grips, and high speed quads but Saturday was my first time ever on a rope tow. The 1200 ft long tow goes 12 miles per hour and feels as much of a workout going up the mountain as coming down. Well, I admit, it’s still a lot easier than skinning to get a ton of runs in!! My upper body is more sore than usual though!

Tracy GLSC1
first run, first tracks!


The club is open on weekends so there was plenty of fresh snow from last Monday’s storm. You’d never believe it was the first day of February vacation week. When we arrived there was Jebb and I and the two ski patrollers on the mountain!! We had the place to ourselves for almost an hour! Throughout the morning more members arrived and we took turns in the top shack (Jebb) and I sat at the bottom to watch the loading. I got to really watch and learn my chops on how to ride the rope tow!

The terrain was so much fun! The volunteers had clearly spent years manicuring the woods as there were plenty of fun wooded runs that still felt nice and open for a somewhat newer woods skier like myself. The snow was soft and forgiving. My RAMP PeacePipes were in their happy place on the open ungroomed runs! I could basically go as fast as I wanted, drawing beautiful S’s in the snow.

Tracy GLSC3
going back for more!
Tracy GLSC5
some woods, they are black and blue difficulty


There’s something for everyone there, as there were plenty of kids just riding the tow part way up and lapping the learning hill.

When it’s time for lunch, the tow stops for a break and everyone piles into the rustic lodge that’s warmed by three wood stoves. It’s a super friendly crowd of folks who are there for the lovely simplicity of no frills skiing. I have to say, it was a nice touch in the ladies outhouse that there were even candles burning!

By spending the day at the Mt. Greylock ski club, not only did I have a wonderful day of skiing, I got to imagine what it was like when my grandfather Jim Hyde started the Skaneatles Ski Club back in the late 50’s and imagine what it was like for my dad and aunts and uncles to learn to ski there. I felt connected to both my family history and the heart of skiing.

I really can’t imagine a better club to be a member of, we are seriously considering joining. If you’d like to check it out, you are allowed to visit once to check it out before joining. You can email the club before you come to set it up. Here’s the website.

Here’s a fun little video Jebb made from our day

greylock ski club Tracy from Jebb Remelius on Vimeo.

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