Review: Yaktrax SkiTrax

YakTrax SkiTrax

Yaktrax SkiTrax really work, and are worth the extra $5 over the competitors for a few reasons.

First the Yaktrax SkiTrax has a rockered sole, which make for easy, less fatiguing walking as you get a more natural stride. Additionally, the walking is comfy because the “tread” of the sole is squishy and softens your step while caroming around in your alpine boots.

Second the toe and heel cups are one large cup that secures over the DIN soles nicely and securely. You can see if the SkiTrax are on correctly and putting them on right keeps them in place (I image you would notice immediately if one fell off, but that has not happened to me – they are that good). That being said, make sure you follow the sizing chart!  The sizes are S,M,L and go by boot sole length ranges (your boot sole length is imprinted on the outside of every alpine ski boot near the heel on the side). Third, the connection between toe and heel portions of the SkiTrax is nice thick rubber and seems very sturdy and as if it will hold up to a large number of putting these on and off.

Finally, when you take the SkiTrax off, the toe sort of folds up into the heel, and each one takes up only a small amount of space.
So, if you need to walk any distance around the base, or lodge, these are the way to go (especially early season). The SkiTrax by Yaktrax will keep your boots sole pristine, which is important for safety, as a worn DIN sole on an alpine boot is bad for your ski binding function – release and retention, not to mention clicking the skis on with a worn heel does not always work so well. Ski safe!

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