Trail report: Green Mountain Trails

Mountain bikes on top of mountain in Vermont

The Green Mountain Trails

Although I’d been here before in October with some SheJumps friends, I wanted to show Jebb the area. We stopped at our favorite (read free coffee) Welcome Center in Bennington, VT and I picked up a Vermont Summer Guide that listed the “trails as quietly becoming a Vermont mountain biking destination.”

I aim to kill that quietly part!

If you are living in New England and you mountain bike, you NEED to come ride these trails. They are SO much fun!!

I feel the need to write more in CAPS to tell you how much I love it here! You like bank turns? You like pump jumps, you like well built switchbacks that make climbing actually enjoyable? You like having the trails to yourself, meeting friendly locals, seeing 360 mountain top vistas? Then you will absolutely love it here!

Totally Luvin' It!!
Totally Luvin’ It!!

The Green Mountain Trails are just outside of Killington in nearby Pittsfield, VT. Apparently the town was named after Pittsfield, MA (another great mountain biking destination) and borders Stockbridge, VT also named after Massachusetts. It’s just a few miles north of Killington on route 100. The land is owned by the owner of nearby Riverside Farm, home of the famous Spartan Death Race.

So far I’ve ridden up the Green Trail to the summit cabin (also available for primitive camping) I’ve ridden Luvin’ it, Zeebeedee, the Labyrinth, Warman, Fusters, Escalator, and the Stonewall trail.

This is the gutsy-est drop on Fusters. Definitely a good photo op!
This is the gutsy-est drop on Fusters. Definitely a good photo op!

There are a number of things I love about here! First, a map exists! No need to rely on finding a local to show you around! You can buy a map for $4 at the Pittsfield General store. Proceeds go toward trail maintenance, so think of that as you just ride and ride, without stopping to move downed trees or build water bars or bermed corners! Second, it’s free! You don’t need to purchase a trail pass. Third, in addition to a really good map, the trails are so we’ll marked that it’s highly unlikely you will get lost. Four, as someone who prefers downhill to uphill, the trails are designed with glorious switchbacks that actually make climbing almost enjoyable! Five,the levels of the trails are on the mark. Six….okay I will stop!

I have one word to describe the gloriousness of the fun to be had here….banks…. The bank turns are SO fun! And you get good at it. I’m in my third season of riding (mountain bikes) and the banks are so prevalent that I feel like I’m improving. Each time I go around another, I get better!

To get the complete low down, visit

Where to stay:
For the deluxe stay definitely check out the gorgeous Riverside Farm. Incidentally it’s also a wedding venue so if you’ve ever wanted to have all your mountain biking friends celebrate your nuptials with you this is the spot! My first trip, the entire wedding party was getting breakfast and coffee at the Pittsfield General Store and we sat with the grandparents of the bride. Definitely consider supporting the farm as they are the land owners for this awesome network of trails.

For camping, check out the nearby Gifford Woods State Park. It’s just a couple of minutes down the street and the Appalachian Trail weaves right through the campground. I’ve stayed there twice now and definitely highly recommend it.

For primitive camping there are options on the Green Mountain Trails. Be advised, you definitely need to brush up on your Leave No Trace principles. These are definitely impacted sites, but there are no sanitary facilities. So if you haven’t read How to Shit in the Woods, please do before camping here!

There are more lodgings listed on their website. Check out

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  1. Thanks Tracy, It was great to meet you and Jebb. Glad you had such a wonderful time! Small correction: find us on and maps are still a bargain at $6 😉 I’ve been at this for six years (the trails have been open for eight) and it never gets old hearing about the results of hard, but very rewarding, work. I’ve seen this place change dramatically. It’s been a real adventure! I’ll share your wonderful report on the FB page. Give Rabbit Hole a whirl next time (not on map yet, but at warman/ stonewall intersection) I think you’d like it. Come back soon! Matt

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