Trail Report: Work Day round-up

Who’s a lumberjack and who’s ok? We’re ok! Those there woods need a thinnin’.

The saying “don’t hack it if you can’t hack it” has merit for trail clearing without permission, but if you have the go ahead to enhance the space between the trees, start yer’ saws and hack away! The idea is that as really great habitat is being constructed for wildlife, a simultaneous effect is awesome ski and snowboard lines. So rationalizing tree and brush removal aside, these groups have definitely rationalized it and green lighted organized trail days. And they need your volunteer efforts to get it done!


Magic Mountain South Londonderry, Vermont: 10/8 and 10/22

One of the leaders in extra-trail map expansion is Magic Mountain Ski Area, and they will feed and provide adult beverages for your effort afterward. That’s right, you will get a ride up the mountain with your tools, enjoy a few hours of good comradery, and get to polish up your own descent path. From taking out eye-poker and jacket-ripper branches on the closest trees, to felling Striped Maple, or clearing bramble, you can do as much as you feel physically able to handle. Once you are bushed (ha ha) amble down to the deck at the base lodge and enjoy a well deserved beverage and a burger, (and maybe even a sweet T-shirt) courtesy of the management. Sit back with a smile and think over the entry point, the linked turns, and the drops of your personal woods run that will be there for years to come. These runs might even get pushed out a bit wider here and there as time goes on. You will never find the entrance to these shots on your own without having walked them!





Hogback Mountain. Vermont: 10/10, 10/23, 11/12

Part conservation, part backcountry skiing. This project is the perfect storm of getting involved! Read more here from our post last year. The slopes of the Hogback ski area are seeing the light of day once more! The leader of this group of volunteers is very well organized and safety conscious. If you have chainsaw experience and eye/ear protection, you can borrow a saw and chaps and get to work. The expert runs keep getting more attention, which is great for skiers and snowboarders, but also great for the wildlife that loves open pasture. The best of both worlds. Again here is a chance for you to help out, and think of it as cross-training!


We’ll meet at 9:00 in the field near the white A-frame building just west of the gift shop on Route 9, and quit by noon.  Bring your own favorite tool or borrow one of ours.

Thunderbolt Ski Runners. Mt. Greylock, MA: 10/23, 11/6


The Thunderbolt Ski Runners are putting together their fall work days. The Thunderbolt Ski Run is legendary and not to be missed. If you have never skied it, then walking it with a brush-saw or loppers is a great way to familiarize yourself with the terrain. Once you see it brown and bare, you will have to come back to the white and fluffy (hopefully). You can become a member which will help support the efforts and tool acquisition, and give you a chance to meet lots of great people! This hardworking and fun crew is so great and you won’t want to miss meeting them and learning the about the history of the Thunderbolt Trail. To keep posted like their Facebook page.

Catamount Trail Association

The length of Vermont on skis says it all. One of the oldest and longest lived trail groups in this list, they are keeping one of Vermont’s premiere touring ski trail accessible and clear. This handy dandy calendar will keep you in the know for any and all trail work days, on the Catamount Trail, as well as on the RASTA trails below

RASTA That is Rochester Area Sports Trail Alliance: 10/8, 10/9, 10/22, 10/23, 11/5, 11/6

These people have gone all in, approval from the State of Vermont to cut down trees. Wow. Some very steep, North facing, newly cleared ski and snowboard sport trails. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with this group and their by-the-book approach to getting permission from land owners and state agencies. Kudos.

The terrain looks great and the efforts have started paying off. Plus due to the “winter” of last season, there are going to be two times as much new stuff to shred this season! There are quite a few days planned so get up there and volunteer! The volunteer days are site specific so make sure you go to the correct start point.

October 8-9 (Sat/Sun) – Brandon Gap Glading 9am to 3pm. We plan to cut 3 more new zones! rsvp to Karl Fjeld for details

October 22-23 (Sat/Sun) – Braintree Mountain Forest Glading 9am to 3pm. A new peak needs new glades! rsvp Zac Freeman for details

November 5-6 (Sat/Sun) – Brandon Gap Glading 9am to 3pm. We plan to cut 3 more new zones! rsvp to Karl Fjeld for details

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