Vanlife: Repair Kit

We are planning for our first extended trip in February, so stay tuned for more posts on our adventure. In the mean time we are getting all our ducks in a row. We’ve built a bed, put in a heater, and now it’s time to think strategically about packing for a small space and being prepared to live and ski out of it for two months.

Here’s a teaser for you of our Chevy Astro Van:


I love that repairing gear is becoming a revived art form. Patagonia has been driving around with a repair truck. As usual they are leading by example that the more we fix things the more they stay out of the landfill.

I feel like Jebb should be writing this post because he is a master fix it man. If he’s not fixing cars, he’s sewing up tears in his jeans, patching gloves by gluing or sewing vinyl on them, or replacing a popped button. He even once sewed scraps of climbing skins onto his old skinny skins!

Any way, I wanted to share our kit that we are bringing on the road with us. It has all the things we normally use at home but in a handy pouch. 

This is our general sewing kit. We have an assortment of needles. The two most important things to point out are the thread and the thimble. We use button and carpet weight thread because its more heavy duty for fixing gear. Additionally having the thimble is super necessary. When you’re pushing the needle through more heavy duty fabric your fingers will take a beating without one of these. I collect buttons from purchased clothing and just store them in this pouch. This is basically an old wallet that I repurposed.

Here’s our patch kit. This is a collection we’ve used over the years. Obviously great to have gore-tex for your waterproof tears. In the plastic tube is a clear patch that’s good for nylon that you can cut to any shape. We also will bring this patch of black vinyl that was used originally on an old motorcycle seat repair but has been used more recently for gloves. We also have some demin and puffy patches.

I recently tested out NOSO puffy patches on my puffy skirt that got some burn holes in them. (from my heated car seats believe it or not!) I’ll be bringing these for sure! Not only do they come in super cute shapes and colors but they do a great job sticking to the puffy fabric as you can see here. I followed the directions on their package, basically you stick it on like a sticker, smooth it out and put it on low heat in a dryer for ten minutes. I’m sure we’ll have some days in the laundro-mat so if I need to use these it will be a super easy repair.

What is your go-to repair item? Here’s all of our kit packed away in a single pouch.

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