We bought a van!

We got the plates on the van I found myself behind the wheel for the first time. You can be sure there was a shit eating grin on my face. I was literally giggling. It seemed both silly and unreal that we actually did it. Maybe it was from reading one too many Outside magazine posts on adventure vehicles and road trips, we had succumb to our wanderlust. We bought a 1996 Dodge Ram van.

Last night as we drove north on route 7 out of Pittsfield, MA (for one last stop to the auto parts store) we pulled over at a roadside rest stop to picnic on canned beer and chicken tenders from the grocery store and it already felt different. We were on an adventure! It wasn’t just a rest stop, it was an unchartered dirt road next to a river that we’d never seen before.

We wound past Mt. Greylock and through Williamstown, MA and continued north through Bennington up to Rutland watching the green hills turn into blue mountain landscapes. We arrived at the end of a dirt road in Pittsfield, VT at the Green Mountain Trails, a little known world class mountain biking destination (stayed tuned for my raving review coming next). I’d written to the head of trail work and easily got permission to park our van here for a couple of nights while we explored the trails.

imageIt was so great to just pull in and not have to unpack or set up camp, it was like we drove our bedroom, kitchen and living room to our destination and then once we got here we could just crack open a beer, sit back and relax.

As our maiden van voyage, we are learning a few things andmaking lists on how to make it better. One thing for certain that I was SO happy we brought was an old sun shower that at least a decade ago had a home on my mom’s sailboat. I have to tell you it was THE best after several hours of riding that was muddy in spots to be able to rinse off the sweat and dirt! Since it’s a primitive campsite without running water, this was key!

This trip is also giving us more to write about. We plan on a trail report of the Green Mountain Trails, and some product reviews of Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters new GEO packs, and some natural healing salves from Wild Imbue.image

Welcome to our #vanlife! I hope this is the first of many posts written in our new adventure vehicle! Today was the most fun I’ve had since I put my snowboard away for the season! I’m definitely ridiculously stoked on our new vanture!

update: it rained the second night and everything stayed dry! No wet gear!

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