Winter wardrobe: the snow skirt

Smart wool snow skirt

I was scoping out a down mini all last year. I was thrilled to find this one made by Smartwool on the sale rack this fall  at  Valley Bike and Ski Werks in Hadley so I totally swiped it up.

I get a lot of compliments and questions when I where this when I’m  guiding and I find it very warm and comfortable. I bought a large but probably could have done with the medium. (Normally I’m an 8/10) With the extra space I tuck my sweaters right into it and wear it a little high waisted. This makes me extra cozy. I love it for throwing over a pair of yoga pants after teaching and I also wear it on hikes and here skiing on my Hoks in the back yard. It’s been great to slip on over my base layers for après ski; it always feels great to get out of my ski pants.

My only criticism about this skirt is that it snaps all the way up the front. While this is convenient for putting on and taking off, if I take a big step up something it un-snaps. I notice on the website the snaps are worn to the side, so maybe they changed it in this years model or I’ve been wearing it wrong. This is a great skirt and can be found here.



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