Winter wardrobe: the down sweater

Perfect as a layer or on its own, I love my down sweater (as Patagonia calls it) for Berkshire adventures from October to May. It’s feather weight feel makes it easy to carry in my pack as an extra layer. On a bitter cold day of skiing, I’ll wear it under my ski jacket. As you look through the pictures on my blog, you’ll see its my basic go-to jacket. For snowshoeing or skinning/back country skiing I simply throw a rain shell on top for a wind layer.

I’m a fan of my Patagonia jacket because I fully support the company’s sustainabilty ethics. The brand encourages you not to buy their products unless it’s worn out and they have a second hand items available in some of their retail stores. You can also send your old worn out garments back to them to be recycled into new products. Read more about Patagonia’s corporate responsibility programs.

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